Goodbye Summer. Hello School.

This summer absolutely flew by!

Frosh has arrived and that means EngExpo! We had a great turn out at our booth this year, lots of curious minds that we can’t wait to get to know throughout the year. However, we haven’t just been working on recruitment this summer.. We have made some advancements to our ground control station!

First of all, we’ve made a portable ground control station that has FPV footage built-in. Having FPV footage allows for easier probe delivery during competition, and also gives the pilot a better idea of the plane’s location (most of the time we fly our UAVs at high altitudes and a significant distance away).

Additionally, we have also built an antenna tracker that can track the UAVs during their flights. The antenna tracker is an amazing addition to our ground control station. This device actually follows an airplane in flight to keep a directional antenna locked on target. This allows you to greatly increase your range without having to ever aim your antenna.

More updates to follow!

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